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Nishant Mamtora - Recruitment Director UAE

Nishant Mamtora, the Recruitment Director of CWG-UAE. With over a decade of experience in recruitment, Nishant has established himself as a leading professional in the field, specifically within the healthcare sector in the UK, UAE, and GCC. He has a proven track record of success, having been awarded the title of top biller in his first year as a trainee consultant amongst his peers.


Nishant is highly respected for his in-depth knowledge of the industry, his passion for his work, and his strong work ethic. He is also known for his market expertise and extensive network of both candidates and clients. His background in sales and business development has also enabled him to consistently increase revenue for his clients. In his free time, Nishant enjoys reading and traveling, having visited more than 20 countries. He is known for his love for culture and history, and is always eager to learn about new places. Overall, Nishant is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who is committed to delivering exceptional results for his clients and

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