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Diksha Mamtora - Candidate Manager UAE

Diksha Mamtora, Candidate Manager at CWG-UAE. Diksha is a global citizen with a diverse background. She was born in Zimbabwe and then spent her younger years growing up in New Zealand before settling in the UK as a teenager. With a passion for education, she pursued a career in teaching and became a highly-skilled Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teacher.


However, Diksha's journey brought her to Dubai, where she has recently transitioned into recruitment and has hit the ground running.


In her free time, if Diksha isn't pick up a book, you can find her whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen, drawing inspiration from many top chefs. She also treasures recipes passed down from her mother, showcasing her cultural heritage through her cooking. With her extensive cultural exposure and varied professional background, Diksha imbues every aspect of her life with a fresh and innovative viewpoint and easily adapts to any environment or surrounding.

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